Sep 14

How I Found the Best Graphics Program

Image created using Illusion mage

Image created using Illusion Mage

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Since my childhood I loved making my own animations. Though they were just simple sketches, I enjoyed it. Unfortunately they generally sucked when it came to the detail due to my terrible drawing and it frustrated me that I couldn’t create quality animations. When I found out there were 3D graphics software designed just for making animations I was delighted!

I started off using the most basic animation programs and over the years the software it started to grow weak and I couldn’t create any real animations. So I decided I wanted to begin working with expert graphics programs, so I started to research into other; better graphics software. To my surprise the best 3D software was way over my budget with one package costing 7 grand! The price for advanced graphics software seemed a professional’s choice not a mere beginner like me. Saving my pennies took a hard and long time. Though I eventually got there, my hobby now seemed like an unnecessary expense.

I used Maya for a few months before starting courses, it was extremely hard to grasp. The tutors felt distant and their words went in one ear and out the other. I’m not the most intellectual person around but I know proper gobbledygook when I hear it. Using Maya was too hard for my liking. Though the final animations turned out to be great, the process of creating it were far from simple but I wasn’t going to just give up after buying 7 grand worth of software.

Determined to create quality animations I began doing extra research and tutorials in my spare time by surfing the web, finding possible tutorials. During my desperate hunt for lessons, I stumbled across another piece of 3D graphics software called Illusion Mage.

Another model created using an animation program

Model creation program

Though I haven’t ever heard of it, the program seemed legit so I decided to invest in it. With testimonials to trust,amazingly low price for an expert 3D program and at first glance you knew there had to be a catch. Though I couldn’t really find one. Surprisingly the software includes a full in-depth tutorial to get even the basic novice up to scratch, containing over 6 hours of detailed videos of training and over 200 digital pages to help users efficiently operate the cutting-edge software. This was absolutely great for a person like me who knew jack about advanced animations. Once I finished the tutorials, I made even better high quality animations than that of the 7 grand piece of nonsense!

In addition the software is at a discounted price and also grants you a 60 day money-back guarantee. So you shouldn’t be afraid to at least try such a powerful graphics program out.

So here’s a summary:

  •  Amazingly low price
  •  Rivals that of Maya + 3D Studios Max
  • Full integrated tutorial
  • Money Back Guarantee

This is my experience, get a feel for it. – Illusion Mage

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